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5 Ways To Replace Review Extension In Google Ads

30th August 2018 | | Pay Per Click, Uncategorised

Back in January, Google announced the end of the Review extension within Google Ads.

The extension gave advertisers a space to shout about the best aspects of their business, all backed up by an impartial review. Each review extension had to be verified and checked by Google, and they were notoriously difficult to gain approval for. However, when verified, they were very successful at increasing click-through rates and gaining the attention of potential patients.

So, what can be used to replace the Review Extension?

While there is no exact replacement for the review extension, here are some ideas that might help to fill the gap:

  1. Site Links

Use the site link extension to link to a testimonial and review page on your website. If you don’t have a testimonial page on your site – build one! Site links allow for a title and a description, so you can create a clear link to the testimonial and include a review snippet.

  1. Ad Copy

While your reviews won’t take centre stage without the review extension, you can condense the review content into your advert description. Reviews can offer valuable insight into what your patients value, so using this in your ad copy can be an effective way of producing high performing ads.

  1. Call out and Snippet Extensions

Other effective extensions include the Call Out and Rich Snippet extensions. These are quite generic, however when used correctly they can add real value to your adverts.  Look at what your review extensions were highlighting and condense them into a call out. Or, try selecting the best aspects of your practice and highlight them with the ‘types’ feature within the rich snippet extension.

  1. Landing pages

Include reviews on your landing pages. While this isn’t the first thing browsers see (like the review extension), including testimonials and reviews on your landing page will give reassurance, encouraging potential patients to get in touch.

  1. Seller rating extensions

Seller rating extensions are automated, meaning Google adds them of their own accord. You’ll mainly see seller rating extensions on adverts for large brands and shops who naturally gain a lot of customer reviews. This is because Google has strict requirements to get seller rating extensions appearing on your adverts. You’ll need to have 150 reviews with a rating of 3.5 stars or more. These reviews also need to appear on Google’s trusted review sites, as they no longer verify the reviews themselves.

Unfortunately, most are geared toward e-commerce sites, for example:

This is a platform for e-commerce sites to upload and manage their products for shopping ads. So, it’s not really suitable for your average dental practice!

This is an online mystery shopper platform – again not really relevant for dental practices.

However, other sectors are starting to make use of seller ratings. Google also uses some trusted review sites to collate seller rating extensions, for example TrustPilot and Feefo. You can see the full list of these review sites here. So,  it is worthwhile starting to build up reviews on platforms such as TrustPilot. But remember, you’ll need to reach over 150 reviews with an average of 3.5 stars to be eligible for the seller rating stars to appear on your ads. So it may take some time!

We are all missing the review extension, but, by using a combination of the above we can continue to gain the benefits they offered.

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