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27th March 2019 | | Marketing

Here at Dental Design, we’re always looking into new ways we can help your dental practice attract new patients. Our latest research has confirmed that Facebook advertising is a great way of reaching potential patients. How does it work? The…

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A day in the life of a dental marketing photographer…..

3rd November 2017 | | Blog

People often ask me ‘what it is like to travel around the country?’ and ‘don’t you get bored of taking pictures of dentists?’ The answer is always no, no I don’t. There’s not many jobs where you can travel from…

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The growth of Voice Search

2nd June 2017 | | Marketing, Technology

Voice search usage is seeing unprecedented growth, with personal assistant apps such as Siri and Cortana and devices such as Google Home leading the way. It has been identified by the world’s leading technology providers as a huge opportunity to acquire…

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Important PPC metrics for your Dental Campaign

26th May 2017 | | Marketing, Pay Per Click

PPC, in our view, is one of the most importance channels that can drive traffic to your Dental Practice’s website. Your ads are immediate visible and ,unlike SEO, you can target multiple locations (especially useful for clinics in London). It…

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What is an FAQ page and how can it help your online marketing?

19th May 2017 | | Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

An FAQ page, typically for treatments, provides answers to common queries that are asked repeatedly, or questions that your patient might find embarrassing to ask. By providing them in one place you don’t have to answer them multiple times, and the…

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Goodbye Google car – Hello camel!

13th April 2017 | | Internet

Google have decided to take a slightly different approach when capturing views of the desert for Google Street View. Instead of using a Google car, they have been enlisting the services of Raffia the camel. Helpful Raffia has been equipped…

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Email Marketing for Dentists

8th March 2017 | | Blog, Marketing

Email marketing is a highly popular, direct marketing channel and it can be a great tool for dentists to market to their existing patients. Attracting new patients through SEO and PPC campaigns is vitally important for any dental practice, however…

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The essential HTTPS guide (and why it should be installed on your hosting)

17th February 2017 | | Internet

HTTPS is the secure version of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) the ‘S’ standing for ‘Secure’. In its most basic form, it establishes an encrypted, secure connection between a user’s browser and the server that hosts a website. The data sent…

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Dentist Finder

8th February 2017 | | Blog

What is Dentist Finder and how can it help your practice? As a dentist, dentistfinder.net offers you: • A top ranking source of patients. • A business listing in a dental specific directory (great for SEO) • An ability to…

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