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What is an FAQ page and how can it help your online marketing?

19th May 2017 | | Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

An FAQ page, typically for treatments, provides answers to common queries that are asked repeatedly, or questions that your patient might find embarrassing to ask. By providing them in one place you don’t have to answer them multiple times, and the user won’t need to ask the questions separately.

As the FAQ section provides a large amount of information on a single page, it is very important to design that page in a friendly, welcoming and organised way.

Find below some insights into producing the best FAQ page for your patients, potential patients and Search Engines.

How to use an FAQ page

The first thing you need to decide is, do you setup a dedicated FAQ page, or include FAQ sections on each treatment page. I’m a fan of the latter as this will beef up each treatment pages content which will help them rank. 

An FAQ section should attempt to answer the most common patient questions. Think ‘who is this treatment suitable for’ ‘how long will the treatment take?’ ‘does it hurt?’ ‘how much does it cost?’


A few points to keep in mind:

Keep organised.

The more organised and clear the questions and answers are, the more useful they will be for the patient. Similar queries should be grouped together or combined to avoid repetition.

Ensure they actually ARE frequently asked questions.

Ensure the page is filled with questions you really do get asked, as opposed to just a list of things you want to tell, which may have no use to the patient.

Write them using your patients language.

This is important for both the patient reading it and the search engines who are reading the content. A good example talk about gum disease rather periodontics 


The benefits of the FAQ page

There are a number of benefits of the FAQ, some of which have been described in the beginning of this blog. For a dental practice website, the FAQ can have several benefits which are expanded upon below;

They can establish you as an expert and build trust.

Building trust with a patient starts with your website. It will be the first time they are in contact with your practice and the FAQ page can help to secure your place in their heart and mind as the practice for them.

They can boost SEO.

Search engines use the content of your website to determine whether or not your site is ranked for a particular keyword/keywords typed into the search bar. When you write the question; “Are Dental implants suitable for me?” in your FAQ and provide an answer, should a patient search this query, you have the potentially to rank for this.



Give your account manager a call on 01202 677277 to discuss your FAQ page for design and marketing benefits.

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