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11th April 2019 | | Web design

When it comes to designing a dental website for your practice the most important quality for its success is its ability to provide a memorable user experience with a site that is easy to navigate.

Here at Dental Design we focus on the exact needs of your customers, both new and established, to help them find the information they need with ease with a tailor-made user journey.

We design websites that place a high priority on sites that are easy to navigate alongside clean pages and carefully crafted visuals that will help your business grow and bring recognisable results.

Our creative studio creates websites with a user’s eye with landing pages that combine sophistication and simplicity. Dental Design’s wealth of expertise in what dental patients expect will guide them to the most relevant information using eye-catching and colour composed design techniques with easy to find links.

The ability for practices to be able to listen to patients through feedback is also vital and all our sites provide the opportunity through contact pages or an e-mail address.

Visual Impact

Less really is more when it comes to visuals and visual impact is always enhanced when images and content are used against a clean, background that makes them stand out.

Dental Design combine a mix of visual effects from attention grabbing videos to text and quality images that can be used to guide visitors through the services on offer.

We use clear and sharp headlines that let new customers and visitors to the site know that they are in the right place and content that is written in a straight-forward, accurate, easy to read style that is specific to each practice and the exact needs of patients.

What Makes a Mobile Friendly Website?

Mobiles currently account for over 60 per cent more traffic with increasing numbers finding accessing information from their devices more convenient than from a desktop computer.

Websites that provide mobile friendly design combined with improved page speed are vital components of the website design package we offer. We also utilise search engine tools that produce in depth reports to help us to optimise website design for mobile use.

Mobile friendly sites means that the website can be used with smaller screens with ease of navigation. Larger touch screen buttons with only relevant information and content are also key features.

What Are The Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website?

  1. Google now boosts the mobile ranking of mobile friendly websites and if you want to be included in mobile search results now is the time to update your website
  2. It provides a better experience for customers using mobiles
  3. If your site is not optimised for mobile use it could take longer to load and risk losing customers
  4. Menus keep it short and to the point so it is easier to return to the homepage and will guide users to better search results

GDPR and GDC Compliance

All dental websites must be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliant and all UK dentists must be registered with the GDC (General Dental Council). The GDC has a set of regulations for dental websites.

At Dental Design, as specialists in dental marketing, we ensure that your site is fully GDC compliant when you either opt for a management package or a website redesign.

We monitor all our sites consistency. Under GDPR if there is a breach of your website then that breach must be communicated to your users and there is a legal requirement to monitor the security of a website. If you are not a client then you can install software such as ‘Wordfence’.

So What is The Cost of a New Dental Website?

Templated websites are readily available but a bespoke website will reflect your practice’s own brand and not only inform all visitors to the site but bring in new patients providing a higher return on your investment.

A quality website will build on your online presence and lets customers know that you care about the quality of service you offer them and the importance you place on being the best in your location. The cost of a fully bespoke site starts at £5,795 + VAT.

Your package will include bespoke design and responsive functionality so that patients can get the information they need anywhere on their mobiles.

It will also feature dedicated copywriting, a one day photo/video shoot, CMS, unlimited pages plus practice specific content about the treatment you offer with animations and images.

Examples of Best Dental Website Designs

In 2018-19 we created bespoke websites for a range of dental practices across the UK transforming websites that had no clear branding and were difficult to navigate or creating brand new sites.

One such customer was Battersea Bridge Dental Practice in central London where we rebuilt an outdated site using a clear, simple design and well-positioned messages. We also made use of its logo and vibrant colours to reflect the practice brand.

The new website, along with a rebrand to reach a broader audience, gave the business the edge is was looking for increasing visitors to its site with 70 per cent more time spent on its website, a 44 per cent increase in mobile engagement and quadruple leads.

Our creative team also ensured that leaders in innovative dentistry Rockingham House, in Fitzwilliam near Pontefract in West Yorkshire, also stood out from the crowd and showcased the very best level of dentistry it offers with its bespoke website.

We also captured and personalised Rockingham House’s specific tone of voice with clear and concise content to engage visitors and reflect the practice’s balance between its medical expertise and friendly and down-to earth approach.

The fully search engine optimised site reflected the practice personality and energy with engaging video and stunning black-and-white photographs alongside contrasting colour images. It produced a 40 per cent increase in traffic and a high ranking on Google.

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