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How to Optimize & Run Your Instagram Profile

19th June 2018 | | Social Media

1. Include a Keyword With Your Name

To ensure people can find you, make sure the name you share on Instagram is your name, not your Instagram username. Because people who search for you on Instagram will use your business name, matching your name to your Instagram handle decreases your searchability.

2. Incorporate Target Keywords in Your Description

Your Instagram bio has very little time to make a great first impression, making your bio easy to scan helps people quickly understand what you’re all about. For optimal scanning, target keywords clarify what kind of content people can find on your account.

3. A Trackable Link in Your Bio

Add a link to your “website” in your business’ Instagram bio (or a call to action to your blog or latest offer). This makes it easy for people to go straight from Instagram to your website, blog, or a specific campaign. Refer to that link in individual photo captions.

4. High-Quality Photos

High quality photos are a huge part of an optimized Instagram profile. When people visit your profile, chances are, the first thing they’ll do is scroll through the first ten or so photos in your feed. The quality of those photos will be a big factor in whether or not that person follows you or not.

5. Posting at the Right Time

You don’t have to feel pressured to post too often like with other social platforms. Top brands only post about 5 times a week. The real key here is being consistent. When planning your posts, create a schedule around the best times for engagement. This varies day by day. You can also schedule the posts using a third-party tool like Hootsuite.

6. Focus on the quality of followers rather than quantity

Many Instagram marketers think that having a large number of followers is important to create a fully optimized Instagram profile. After all, the more followers a brand has the more credible it often appears. But a quick look at Instagram profiles owned by some of the largest companies in the world shows that follower quality is more important than quantity.

7. Enabled Notifications

Notifications should be enabled so you can see when people share or comment on your photos. This will allow you to engage with them more quickly and easily.

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