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8th February 2019 | | Uncategorised

With Social Media, the clue is in the name. Social Media. I’ve seen many businesses fall into the trap of writing corporately, and needlessly to say, had a very few number of followers. My two immutable rules when posting on social media are:

  1. You’re writing in a user’s leisure space – For dentists you don’t want to push a load of corporate dentistry talk down viewers throats. I’m sorry to say, but the user’s may find constant talk of Dentistry a bit boring!
  2. People buy from people – The moment you start talking ‘like a business’ and less like a person, you’ll find your engagement rate goes down. By all means, push special offers and attract user’s attention but remember that these are people that relate (and buy) from people.

In terms of the content you should be sharing, again, make sure it is content a human being would like to see. As a dentist you may love to see loads of scientific images or research papers going into great depth about the technicalities of dental procedures, but your patients may not. So share stuff you feel they would be interested in. Additionally, posting links to long blog content may not be the best way to maximise user engagement; although I do recommend it as it’s good for SEO and based on the content you’re posting can attract a load of new visitors; but what I find really works and is very shareable are infographics. Infographics are really user friendly and show handy information in a fun way; social media is a perfect place for this method of information sharing.


Markoborn has posted a good blog about how why you shouldn’t only post Dental information on Social Media. There’s some good examples of non-dental posts that you can use to engage with your visitors:

  • Celebrations of birthdays at the practice
  • Team members getting married.
  • Patients sending in testimonials and reviews.
  • Sharing using images and content from other places on Facebook to create engagement.
  • Talking about films and books that you like.
  • Talking about things you like to do at the weekend.
  • Sharing general images which people like such as motivational images or scenes of beautiful landscapes, these are great ways to invite comments and get people to engage.



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