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You cannot get a more targeted form of advertising. PPC uses specific search terms that, when searched, bring the ad to the forefront of the google search. We use Google AdWords to get the very best results, tailoring your PPC campaigns to your

audience and budget. PPC campaigns link to engaging landing pages that our design team have created. With engaging content and strong calls to action, landing pages result in higher conversion rates and a lower cost-per-click.

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Landing pages are an extremely important resource when it comes to your website marketing strategy. They focus specifically on the treatment or campaign you are promoting and are proven to increase your return on investment.

A landing page needs a different style and approach to your homepage. Patients who visit your homepage are browsers, but those who come to the landing page are buyers looking to invest in your services. As such, landing pages have far greater calls to action and can double your conversion rate.

A good landing page can be the difference between a campaign that performs, and one that fails. If the proposition is good, a landing page is undoubtedly what will set you apart from your competition.

All of our PPC clients benefit from our crafted landing page - because we know it works. It can be adapted to any practice and any treatment - but you can leave all that to us.

To get your PPC campaign off the ground and start generating enquiries, give us a call on 01202 677 277.

Cost: £200 per month, per campaign.

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