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PPC for the new normal

New measures for the new climate extend to your online presence, as well as affecting your practice.

We know that your marketing priorities have greatly changed, so we’ve put together PPC landing page templates for services that we think are better suited to the new normal.

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Decreasing footfall to the practice is the safest thing to do, but has an obvious fall out. Just because your patients can’t come to the practice as easily as before doesn’t mean they can’t receive care through consultations.

Digital communications open up new opportunities to speak to patients online safely at their home. Video consultations give you the chance to properly triage your patients, while getting them in front of a friendly helpful face.

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Emergency treatment

Patients in dental pain may not be aware that they can receive urgent care in a safe environment. Having an emergency PPC campaign set up will help these patients to get access to someone who can relieve their pain and fix the issue quickly and safely.

Emergencies will be a vital part of your offering during these new measures and when things start to ease, making it a versatile service to market.

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