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Online Marketing Team

Online Marketing Team

Online Marketing Team

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Online Marketing Team


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Nigel Reece
Managing Director

Send Amy A Message View Amy's LinkedIn Amy Development Team

Some 17 years ago I joined Dental Design as a fresh-faced, enthusiastic ‘’I’m not sure what I want to do” dogsbody – and whilst arguably I remain a dogsbody, I’m happy to be part of the furniture and proud of what we have achieved and excited about what’s come.

Having taken on almost every role in the company at some stage, today I find myself very much settled in a Marketing capacity. It keeps me on my toes, forces me to keep learning and its transparency is mostly good – until I have my annual ‘absolute flop’ of an idea!

As far as interests go, I used to love the gym, cycling and anything adventurous. I currently enjoy being active outdoors and half watching sport – the latter with thanks to my absolutely scrumptious children. You know you’re old and boring when your next exciting investment is artificial grass and you panic when you can’t find your National Trust membership card.

View Claire's LinkedIn Claire Development Team

I developed my love for photography in secondary school when we were introduced to the dark room where I discovered the incredible process of film. Since then I went on to complete a degree in Photography at the University College Falmouth, which growing up in Poole was like a home from home. After completing university I spent three years working as a school photographer, before I eventually had enough of shouting ‘smelly socks’ and ‘silly sausages’ above the voices of 30+ students and decided to join the team at Dental Design as a lead photographer.

I love the challenges my role brings, from initial discussion of what the practice is looking to achieve during my visit, to the editing process and then working alongside the designers to incorporate my work into our designs. Covering everything from practice, staff and area location images, to videos and 4k 360 tours. As well as keeping my ear to the ground with the new camera kit and software that is continuously being released ‘geeky I know!’.

I’ve always been an active and outdoorsy person and generally up for giving anything a try. Skiing and horse riding are my main hobbies, but since having my little boy, beach walks and swimming have taken over slightly. I’ll get him on skis and a pony one day!

Send Vicky A Message View Vicky's LinkedIn Vicky Development Team

My work life began in the Banking industry of all things, working my way up the ranks from cashier to Branch manager. Then hopping over to the Insurance industry, venturing into the Dental realm and finally coming across to Dental Marketing 6 whole years ago!

As a Marketing consultant, I’m all about helping dentists across the country get the best results from their marketing. My role has me in constant contact with our clients, getting to know them, their goals, and their practice. I do all I can to help dentists build their online presence.

I have two young children who keep me busy. I try to cram as much in the weekend as possible. Sports is also a big part of our lives; I run a Netball club (We are unbeaten this season with just 2 games left!) and I am also club secretary for my nephews U14 football team, so will often be found on a court or pitch – rain or shine! I also love to eat (who doesn’t) and enjoy wine way too much!

Send Matt A Message View Matt's LinkedIn Matt Development Team

After doing my time in the banking industry I moved into healthcare, working in such diverse areas as private medical insurance and life insurance (exciting I know). Coming to Dental Design opened up the opportunity to become an expert in marketing where I continue to develop my skills and knowledge in this ever evolving field.

Being a marketing consultant is all about finding out what is unique and special about a practice and shining a light on it. I’m fortunate to be able to speak to so many brilliant dentists and dental teams every day and it’s my duty to make sure that everyone knows where they are. If you want to be visible, I’m your guy.

I’ve got 2 little boys who more than keep me on my toes, the scoundrels! On those rare occasions when I have a bit of me time I love my football and my cricket as well as more esoteric pastimes like board gaming, computer gaming, tabletop gaming and mega-gaming, (yes, there’s a theme here). I’ve also been known to enjoy a meal out with my wonderful wife when the stars and the babysitters align.

Carolyn Development Team

I have been involved in Dental Design for 15 years now, working in marketing. I love the constant changes and challenges, coming up with new ideas and seeing them implemented. It’s also great to work with such a fun group of people!

I have a degree in English Literature and worked as an English teacher before getting involved in marketing, which is something I really enjoy.

My interests outside of work include reading, swimming and sudoku. A lot of my time is taken up by my teenage daughter, who keeps me very busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Send Poppy A Message Poppy Development Team

After graduating with a degree in English from Royal Holloway, University of London, I worked in a variety of roles including admin, catering and ticket sales at the local theatre, which was worth it for the free tickets! I spent seven years working in weddings, events and visitor services before making the move to Dental Design to actually use my degree in a better capacity. I’m also very pleased not to work weekends any more!

I support our clients in creating content for their websites. I’ve always loved words and now get to work with them every day! I’m involved in the development of new websites, going through the process from the design stage to making sure it is perfect and ultimately going live. I enjoy working closely with our clients, finding out more about them and their practices and capturing that essence in website copy.

Most of my time outside work is taken up by my two gorgeous little boys, but I’m not complaining! I enjoy reading, theatre, sunshine and getting outdoors for walks with my family. When I get the chance I love going out for dinner and cocktails, and I have also been known to enjoy a ‘rubbish’ TV show or two, Say Yes to the Dress anyone?!

Send Marcus A Message View Marcus's LinkedIn Marcus Online Marketing

A Business Studies graduate with a passion for marketing, I joined Dental Design after a year and a half long stint working out in Nigeria (don’t ask) as member of the ongoing marketing team back in 2010.

I now head up an ever expanding team of marketing professionals, looking after 400 dental practice websites! No day is the same and I love dealing with our clients, building relationships and achieving their online marketing goals. If Google could stop constantly changing their algorithm then that would be the icing on the cake.

When I’m not working on dental websites, I love my House and Techno. I make an annual pilgrimage to Ibiza but I think might be getting too old for that now! I also have a love/hate relationship with my team Tottenham Hotspur. Some people think football shouldn’t be matter of life or death…I can assure you, it’s more important than that.

Send Lucy A Message Lucy Online Marketing

Before joining the team in 2021, I worked in the Oncology Department of Poole Hospital, a pretty different environment! I have a degree in English Language and a passion for reading and writing, so moving to Dental Design gave me the opportunity to explore something I’ve always wanted to do.

As a Website Manager, my role involves proofreading website amends for clients as well as writing blogs for Premier and Premier Plus clients and for DDL. I like that my job allows me to be creative and intertwine new ideas with subjects in dentistry.

I enjoy walking with my dog and my camera, exploring my surroundings and capturing beautiful photographs of nature (and of my gorgeous little dog too!). I’m a big Beatles fan and a massive lover of all things coffee and chocolate - the key to making me happy!

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Send Rosie A Message View Rosie's LinkedIn Rosie Online Marketing

I studied marketing and graduated from Bournemouth Uni in 2017. I also worked in online marketing positions alongside my studies, building up my knowledge and love of all things digital! After Uni I knew I wanted to work in a digital marketing agency and struck gold when I secured my position here at Dental Design.

As part of the online marketing team, my role is to work with dentists and practice teams, focussing on the SEO and PPC aspects of online marketing. I love getting to know my clients and seeing my campaigns help to build and grow a practice’s online visibility and patient base.

I have always lived by the sea and love being outdoors. I try to keep active and enjoy taking on a challenge - I recently ran a half marathon and will be trekking in China later this year for Charity. You’ll normally find me out walking or at the beach at the weekend, of course stopping at a pub or two along the way! My other love is all things cooking, food and drink related. Not to brag… but I’ve been told that I make the best brownies and Espresso Martinis in Bournemouth!

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Send Lucy A Message View Lucy's LinkedIn Lucy Online Marketing

I’m a marketing graduate from Bournemouth University. Whilst writing my dissertation at Uni on Search Engine Optimisation, I was always passionate to learn more. I worked at a digital agency once a week whilst attending Uni to gain more experience (and to help complete my dissertation). I joined Dental Design in 2013 and almost six years on I’m one of the longest members of the team and I’m proud to have been a part of the company’s journey during that time!

I’m part of the online marketing team working on the SEO and PPC campaigns for a portfolio of clients. I also head up the social media side of the business where I manage the social media management packages and Facebook advertising campaigns for a number of practices. I love seeing positive results from the work that I produce … no day is the same!

Pigs, Ed Sheeran and Cheese... I think that pretty much sums me up. Think crazy cat lady, but switch it with pigs (minus the crazy I hope).

I’m a social person who enjoys spending time with my family and friends. Anything that gets my adrenaline pumping I’m keen to give a go and have taken part in a number of extreme sports over the years - keen to tick more off the list too! I do love a challenge, I’ve completed a half marathon and pier-to-pier swim to raise money for the Stroke Association. Last year I visited Tanzania with Bridge2Aid (courtesy of DDL) so that I could witness the life-changing work the Dental charity carry out and this year I will be trekking the Great Wall of China to raise money for Julia’s House. To unwind, I love to cook and watch a good series. “The Walking Dead” is definitely the best series ever to be made!

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Send Aniqa A Message Aniqa Online Marketing

I graduated from Bournemouth University in 2018 and have worked in marketing ever since. My previous roles have always been client side, so I jumped at the chance to join Dental Design for a taste of the agency life!

I’m part of the online marketing team, looking after SEO and PPC campaigns for my clients. I love trialling and testing new things to get the best results, and keeping up with the ever-changing google and social media algorithms. I’m also usually the face behind the Dental Design Facebook and Instagram posts and always thinking up new ways to reach, inform and entertain our followers.

I have lived on the Jurassic Coast all my life and enjoy going for walks along it - I think I’ve explored every single bit of it over the years! I absolutely love tennis and Wimbledon is definitely my favourite time of year. I’m also a big fan of everything autumnal, especially the knitwear! I taught myself how to crochet during lockdown and am working on a lot of autumnal wear. Oh and I’m immune to spicy food - the spicier the better!

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Send Ally A Message View Ally's LinkedIn Ally Online Marketing

I used to work in print media as an Editor for a fashion publication in good ole London town and I have also previously worked organising festivals, which was a lot of fun. I have always been involved in the marketing and promoting of these events and publications and it has led me nicely into the online marketing team here, where I can utilise my skills learnt over the years.

Part of the online marketing team, I am involved in citation building and link building for our client websites, with the intention of raising their online presence and getting them to the very top of Google! I also write blogs for our Premier and Premier Plus clients and post these onto various platforms to help our clients get the online recognition that they deserve.

I love spending time with my family and you’ll usually find me on a dog walk, on a day out with the kids or having a BBQ and fire in the back garden. Other hobbies include upcycling furniture, sometimes with disastrous effects, and I love Pilates, whenever I get time to do it!

Send Sharon A Message View Sharon's LinkedIn Sharon Online Marketing

I started out as a trainee journalist on a local newspaper near Leeds after graduating with a degree in Communications. I later moved South and joined the Daily Echo in Bournemouth as a senior reporter. I then took a leap of faith and moved to London to become a freelance working on a range of local and national publications as a writer and content editor. More recently I’ve worked in public relations and marketing in education. I was responsible for writing the content for the launch of a new local authority website.

I’m part of the online marketing team, a new and interesting area for me, and I’m responsible for citation and link building. Keeping our clients ahead of the competition is my number one priority. I also write blogs for our Premier and Premier Plus clients and post them to make sure our clients not only get a great ranking on Google but that it improves as a result and gets them noticed.

I’m the proud parent of four, including identical twins, now all at university at the same time studying law, science, education and engineering. In my spare time I enjoy singing with Wimborne Choral Society and performing the “Big Stuff” in The Minster in three annual concerts. I also enjoy attending life drawing classes, yoga and going for long walks with my husband and lovable terrier cross Macey. Besides acting as a press officer for the work of my choir I write articles as a volunteer with the RNLI, whose headquarters is based here in Poole.

Send Fiona A Message View Fiona's LinkedIn Fiona Online Marketing

Originally from Manchester, I graduated with a Marketing degree from the Metropolitan University what seems like a lifetime ago. After taking it upon myself to travel and see more of the world, I found myself on the other side of it in Australia, where I lived for six years.

A highlight of this time was the three-month stint I worked as a jillaroo (or pretend cowgirl as I like to call it) on a cattle station in outback Queensland. The better times of which were spent riding quadbikes and horses around the vast and dramatic landscape, plus caring for the baby farm animals born on the property. The lesser times spent scrubbing dung out of my hair and from under my nails, catching and de-horning wild bulls and showering outdoors with the spiders, snakes and cane toads!

After this I began working in the dental industry, taking on the marketing for a dental instrument supply company. Without any prior experience in the field, I was surprised at how much I relished learning about the dental instruments and their uses, the dental clinics, practitioners and procedures.

This is something I was thrilled to continue when the time came around to move back to home soil. Becoming an online marketer for Dental Design means I get to continue working with dental clinics in a completely diverse and exciting way.

Outside of the office, you will find me exploring my new hometown with my husband and fur child, while desperately trying to learn how to adapt to driving on the compact and congested UK roads. If you see me out in the car, steer clear!

Send Jonny A Message View Jonny's LinkedIn Jonny Online Marketing

Born and Bred in the South West of England, I always aim to make the most of this stunning location I am lucky enough to call home! I enjoy the active lifestyle the local area encourages and am often found cycling, sailing or surfing up and down the coast…Either that or trying to exercise my lazy sausage dog, Didier.

Moving through education I found a desire to create, which led me to study Marketing at University. I enjoy a challenge and saw the ever-changing digital landscape as the one I wanted to tackle throughout my career. As a professional I have been lucky enough to have worked with a wide number of business working both in advisory roles and dedicated digital marketing manager roles.

As a member of the online marketing team, I am looking forward to the unique task of helping numerous businesses within the same industry. Working with each practice on their SEO and PPC brings with it a new focus, new skillsets and new ideas. Furthermore, working with a great group of colleagues allows me to continue to develop my own skills and knowledge of the industry and the digital marketing world.

View Alex's LinkedIn Alex Design Team

I have always had a passion for work with computers being one of the things I excelled at. I decided to study for a foundation degree at Bournemouth University in Computing with Networking. Honing on the skills I learnt in web development, I went onto work in Salisbury, Bournemouth and now in Poole with Dental Design.

I work on the amends team within Dental Design. This role keeps me on my toes and can be different from day to day. In this role, I have developed my design skills more and more, improving every day and building on my more technical background.

In my spare time, I enjoy various different nerdy pastimes. I spend a lot of weekends LARPing across the country, drinking a little too much and camping. I live in the countryside on a small farm, which is an escape from the day to day.

Ellie Design Team

Profile coming soon.

Jake Design Team

Having originally trained as a Graphic Designer, I worked for many small and large companies across the local area, designing brochures, logos, signs...anything in print! I started web development in 2010, when print work started to go dry for the agency I was working for. It’s always a new challenge and I find it so much more engaging.

I landed a job as a web developer and was the solo tech guy where I trained on the job, learning about and dealing with everything internet related - design, development, email, SEO, server management and client management too. I joined DDL in 2020, jumping at the chance to grow my skills and concentrate more on design and development in my role. It’s a great place to work with a great team of people.

I’m passionate about the great outdoors and love riding (and racing) mountain bikes, BMX, road bikes … anything on two wheels basically.

Tom Design Team

Originally from an education background, I spent several years teaching English and enjoying my youth in Vietnam and Spain. Once fluent in Spanish, I decided to come home to England where regrettably I’ve barely used it since! Once settled I decided to retrain in networking and communications and began studying for a Microsoft Qualification. Around a year later I found myself applying for jobs, and fortunately I came across Dental Design, where I now work resolving IT issues for our clients.

The experience so far has been both challenging and rewarding, and I feel I’ve learned more in such a short space of time than ever before (some of it the hard way!) I hope to continue expanding my knowledge in networking, as well as studying for qualifications in cyber security.

In my spare time I like making music and writing, and hope one day to get something released/published. Doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

View Jamie's LinkedIn Jamie Design Team

Before joining Dental Design, I did the usual sixth form/college/uni thing. I struggled with classroom learning so ultimately decided to leave uni half-way and went on to teach myself through a mix of work experience and YouTube! After moving back to Poole, I applied for a role in the amendments team at Dental Design.

I work on the design team and have been at dental design since 2013. I started as a junior and have worked my way up to new designs. I thrive on learning new things, so the job suits me down to the ground. I love working here and I think this is reflected in the quality of work.

Outside of work I enjoy the usual… Xbox, football, riding my bike as far and as fast as I can go before falling off… and of course, spending time with family and friends. I’m completely obsessed with formula one and will happily bore anyone talking about it (if I’m given the chance!).

Recent Design From Jamie

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View Alex's LinkedIn Alex Design Team

I always loved drawing as a kid. My first taste of art being commercial was studying Graphic Design in college - I was hooked and went on to a Foundation, then a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication. Over the last ten years I’ve worked as a designer in property, pensions, IT, healthcare, and most recently dentistry. I still play with crayons.

Since moving from the city to the coast eight years ago it’s been great living and working here. I’ve been with Dental Design for two years, and still look forward to Mondays. My strength is finding the point where creative meets strategy. Working here means I get to help people, work with an awesome team, and solve problems for our clients using video, on-screen, and in print.

People are the most important fixture in my life; I’m lucky to have a brilliant family. When I’m not being chased around by nephews or spending time with friends I enjoy making music and love to travel: You can’t beat following your nose and finding a change of scene!

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Send Nigel A Message View Nigel's LinkedIn Nigel Reece Managing Director

At the age of 16 I decided I wanted to run my own business, and have spent the next 37 years trying to gain the skills required to do it! Initially working in marketing and development for Blue Chip companies such as Marks & Spencer, Mars and Bupa, then starting up a couple of companies before launching Dental Design in 2000.

I love the business and my role in it, mainly because it’s forever changing and developing! The internet is never static and we have to constantly learn and adapt, nothing ever stays still (our role is a bit like ‘herding cats’!), for example when we started Dental Design, Google was hardly known outside of the ‘geek circles’, now look at them, makes me feel like we ‘could have done better’!

Outside of work, my life tends to revolve around the beach and water based activities ie paddle boarding, windsurfing etc, or, running my 10 year old daughter from one party to another! Partying for me is a long distant memory!