When an existing client of ours moved to across the Atlantic to start his American business venture, he brought us with him – figuratively speaking. San Ramon Dental Excellence, based in sunny Cali, needed to modernise. Our expertise and ideas brought new life to the brand and the website. Things have gone so well for them as a result that we’re now helping them to expand as a business across the United States.

The Website

For a practice that focuses on excellence across all treatments and customer service, the website seriously let them down. It was stark with lots of white space, wasn’t responsive and lacked in engagement.

We created a site that made heroes out of the location and treatments. It’s easy to use with before-and-afters that really drive home the benefits of each treatment. The brand continues through the pages, keeping it fresh in the user’s mind as they explore.


Location was key when developing the brand. San Ramon is a stunning place and we wanted to make the most of this with the logo.

Versatile and easily recognisable, the brand works beautifully for different locations. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this international enterprise.


Every new brand has the challenge of speaking to a new customer base. We took control of the marketing, both through the website and social media. With full optimisations in the copy and in the meta-data, the site ranks high on location searches as well as specific treatment searches – such as ‘Invisalign Kidlington’.

Website visits in November 2018
Decrease in bounce rate in May 2018
1st page Google rankings
Conversions in under 6 months with PPC


Covering a large demographic has its own issues when trying to target a specific audience.

Spreading the campaign across as many competitive locations as the budget allowed, we allowed ourselves the chance to reach as much of a captive audience as possible. The approach worked and we saw a leap in interest in the site through the landing pages and through the website itself.


Putting the reader first was key with creating content that kept potential patients engaging with the site. Interspersing the copy with snappy subheads helped break up the text and keep the content as SEO-friendly as possible. As a result, the content is easy to read on screens of all sizes.