City Dental Clinic are a long-established dental practice based in London with a strong focus on technology in their approach to dentistry. However their old website didn’t reflect their expertise at all. They wanted a new website that worked across all devices, bringing their practice to the attention of mobile users in the city.

The Website

With the new design, we wanted to get across their expertise and cutting-edge dental care clearly. Through the engaging use of 360° video, clean and professional visuals and a stylish layout, the site is both easy and engaging to use. It’s a fully responsive site that makes booking an appointment and finding the right information a piece of cake.

Since going live in May 2018, the bounce-rate has reduced by half meaning more people are staying on the site for longer.

Photo / Video

What makes City Dental Clinic’s website stand out from the crowd is the use of video. From the very first click, it’s clear that the site is unique with a background video running in the full-screen of the home page.

And it’s not just there either. The whole site has bespoke, professional video to fully immerse online patients, allowing more nervous patients to get a good sample of what to expect when at the practice.


Since going live, online views have increased exponentially.

Visits a month on average
Mobile visits


With a site that’s fully search engine optimised, City Dental are high ranking on Google when searching "Dentist London". That means more people find the site through an organic search.

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