After taking over the reins at Battersea Bridge Dental Practice, the current owners felt their website was old, hard to navigate and had no clear branding. We were brought on board to help create a responsive website and breathe new life into their practice.

The Website

We built the site from the ground up, incorporating simple design with an animated flair.

Using simple and clear positioning messaging on the site, the marketing messages are delivered efficiently and effectively. The design is sleek and clean, using the vibrant logo and colours to great effect.


We opened with informative conversations between the design team and the owners. We then delivered the brief with an in-depth exploration of the brand, presented the new it across different media – online and offline. Getting the brand right first time speeds up the whole process.


We didn’t just stop at the website. With the full rebrand, we designed and adapted collateral to reach out to a broader audience. The new portfolio gave Battersea Bridge Dental Practice an edge when approaching new businesses and new patients.


As a result, their new website and marketing has improved traffic and the number of new leads.

More time is spent on the website
Increase in mobile engagement
More leads
Increase in traffic and rising