Portmore Dental was an existing client of ours who chose to completely redesign their website. The previous site was letting them down as it just didn’t have that wow factor they were after. As a brand, quality is their main drive and focus in everything they do – from treatments to customer service. Their branding, website and social media had to reflect this high-end approach as well.

The Website

One of our all-time favourite designs, Portmore Dental’s website brims with class and style. Every inch has been designed with the gold-standard brand in mind. The use of white and gold makes the design classy and sophisticated.

With small accents of movement flowing through each page, the website has a fluidity that entices users to keep scrolling, lowering bounce rate. Strong calls to action are ever present, shortening the transition between click and conversion.

A UX Design

The site is fully geared to help users navigate easily through the site, reaching the information and goals that they’re after. With links fixed to the page, booking an appointment or free consultation is a breeze. The links are branded and designed to blend with the design and don’t look out of place.

Inner design

Care and attention was spent on all pages, the team page in particular. Of all the pages of a dental site, the team page is among the most frequently viewed. We wanted to make this extra special and made use of their fantastic photography. The rather extensive team list looks great on desktop and phones, letting users scratch their voyeuristic itch wherever they are.


While we aren’t responsible for the original logo, we have acted as a guardian of the brand and made use of it across all collateral. The brand influenced our design decisions as we used the logo as inspiration for the backgrounds and page elements. It shaped how we structured the layout of the inner page, and how we designed quick links and the navigation.

Social Media

Portmore make great use of their social media and they often come to us to help make their Facebook as engaging as possible. We’ve designed their ads and their collateral. Our input gives their social media an edge with well-designed and thought-out posts.