Based in Oxfordshire and Hampshire, Dedicated Dentistry is one woman – an oral surgeon with the ambition to start her own referral-based business. She wished to launch her own website to promote oral surgery referrals and leave open the possibility of expanding her business into a team. The name, branding and website all came from us.

The Website

Using the clean and classy brand as guidance, we designed a site that embodies the professionalism and confidence that we felt makes the business stand out. The tasteful design is calming and easy-to-use, allowing users to get the right information quickly. With links to referrals and self-referrals ever present, the focus on user experience helps drive results directly to the business’s lap.


We began with the branding and devising a name for the company. We needed a name that would reflect the client’s specific specialism in a way that also gets across the reassuring nature of her approach to dentistry.

After pooling together resources and arriving at the name, we then created the logo with a clean and sophisticated design.


We helped expand Dedicated Dentistry into the surgeries and hospitals where they practice from. The brand and the copy work together flawlessly on print as well as they do online. Whether passed into hands of patients or dentists, the leaflet delivers its message with ease. We also created business cards for the main oral surgeon so she can stay on brand wherever she goes.


Writing about oral surgery can bring up a few pitfalls, especially when the typical reader is probably a nervous patient in pain. With this in mind, the developed tone of voice struck a balance between caring and informative. When there are also referring dentists checking out the information, there needed to be clear facts about what exactly the surgeon can help with.