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Moving to a more paperless and contactless practice during COVID-19

Whilst we fully understand it will not be possible to achieve a completely paperless and contactless practice, there are a number of measures we can help to reduce any unnecessary risk to you and your patients.

Please speak to your account manager about any of these ideas as we continue to grow and develop these resources.

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how to tell patients that you’re safely open:

Video Guide


During these uncertain times, patients will be more risk-averse. A video walk-through of the practice is a great way to show the extra safety precautions you’re taking.

How to create and publish your own video
Digital Tools

Reach new patients using e-consultations

Video consultations are a simple and convenient way to connect with your patients virtually “face-to-face” so you can better assess their needs and identify issues safely.

Click here to learn how to set up a Zoom consult

how to Move toward a paperless future:

E-brochures & e-welcome packs for new patients

Contact-free digital documents work in any web browser on any device, and can be sent directly to patients by email. They are eye-catching and communicate your treatments to patients safely. What’s more, they can link to pages on your site for more info.

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Online forms are more important than ever

Whether assessing at-risk patients or safely screening referrals before they enter your practice - online forms are an incredibly useful tool in your paperless future. We can convert existing paper forms to digital for you, and also make new ones from scratch.

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Decreasing footfall to the practice is the safest thing to do, but has an obvious fall out. Just because your patients can’t come to the practice as easily as before doesn’t mean they can’t receive care through consultations.

Digital communications open up new opportunities to speak to patients online safely at their home. Video consultations give you the chance to properly triage your patients, while getting them in front of a friendly helpful face.

View our e-consultation template

Emergency treatment

Patients in dental pain may not be aware that they can receive urgent care in a safe environment. Having an emergency PPC campaign set up will help these patients to get access to someone who can relieve their pain and fix the issue quickly and safely.

Emergencies will be a vital part of your offering during these new measures and when things start to ease, making it a versatile service to market.

View our emergency template

Download a free poster for your front door

To keep you and your patients safer, we have designed this poster to print out and pop on your door to give anybody visiting the practice clear safety instructions and prevent unexpected walk-ins.

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A patient-friendly guide to reopening - free download

It’s important that patients have a good understanding of what to expect, and what is expected of them, when returning to your practice. We’ve created this free guide for use across your digital channels.

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Helping your patients understand change in the practice - free infographic

Our free infographic is perfect for use across your digital channels to help communicate changes in the practice to your patients in an easy-to-digest and visual way.

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useful blogs for reopening practices:

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