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Return Of Investment (ROI)

9th February 2017 | | Blog, Creative Design, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Technology

We at Dental Design want the best results for our clients, and the best results are the rate of return for investing. It’s important to understand the ROI for any SEO implementation; we advise all our clients what to expect, and a return of investment is not until 6-12 months after implementation. Now if this is the first time you’re learning about SEO then let us guide you through the basics.

Whilst it’s difficult to understand what strategy is best to implement, we understand the dentist industry, and more importantly we understand Google.seo-steps

What we do                                      

We at Dental Design look closely to understanding Google and the results it can give us, the search terms and keyword analysis give us the advantage. The more knowledge we get about the people who are searching you; the better!

Did you know? That the most meaningful data we use is our initial keyword analysis. We look at a site and then it’s ranking on Google, where ever you stand within the Google ranking system we know how to get the ball moving. This is because we know the dental industry too, the most popular search terms we understand. Combining our SEO and dental knowledge, we do all we can to make sure you are as close to the top of page 1 of Google as quickly as possible.

Don’t be fooled

Many other marketing firms can promise this faster than 6 months, often there is an offer for immediate return of SEO implementation. We in the office refer these offers as “Internet Cowboys”. Similar to cowboys, they shoot before thinking and can damage your potential as a business. There are a lot of “secrets” to getting faster/heavier traffic, i.e. Google meta-analysis, h1 tags, locations and other quick fixes. But as some may see the immediate return for your business a positive thing, have you considered Google shall catch out your business’ authenticity?

Avoid promises. If anyone offers you a prediction or figure of traffic with their strategy then it’s probably too good to be true unfortunately. To see a positive long term return of investment; we use strategies that are seen to be compliant in Google’s eyes.

Google is watching

So thinking about all that you have just read, can we trick Google? After many years within analysing Google the answer is simple… no. Google is a search engine that rates sites to their popularity depending on the keywords and search terms. It is an ever changing monster of a search engine, the algorithms Google use are too complex for us to write about in this blog. Trust us when we say Google shall find out whatever trick you are trying to pull in order to get more traffic.

This isn’t to say we are never challenged, keyword data is always made even more difficult due to the fact Google moved to secure search in 2013, resulting in marketers losing valuable keyword data. As a marketing firm we try to avoid lowering your ranking factor. We take into account your location, your business, your website, your traffic etc. and then we know the best initial practices for success.

Think long term

The rate of return with any investment is driven through multiple campaigns and strategies that promote sales and revenue for the business. Any quick minute fix can land you on the far side of Google and away from the popular search results. We believe in longevity with our clients ROI, building your SEO strongly and confidently with good organic marketing results. And the best thing is this data is given to you as frequently as you choose and explained so you can understand your online presence and strengths.

Avoid promises. Never take the word of a firm that shall give you predicted results, this is a marketing strategy that can have varied results depending on the concentration of strategies you implement. The ROI is given after strong organic growth by time and effective digital marketing. How long you can expect this can vary depending on your strategy.


How long for ROI

Trick question, there is no way to forecast any return of investment for SEO. Not with 100% accuracy, remember this the next time you’re offered immediate results. 6-12 months average shall show your strong organic return of digital marketing. We analyse the world’s largest search engine for our client’s results, and our testimonials are always positive. That is one key indicator that the best practices are being made.

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