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4 Effective Social Media Posts for Dentists

18th January 2019 | | Uncategorised

There’s a lot of different content that you can post onto social media. It may be quite confusing at which content is the right content to post though. Here’s 4 of the most effective Social Media Posts that Dentists tend to get much more engagement from.

Latest Practice News ”“ Keeping your followers updated on events and changes in the practice allows for you to create a ’community’ feel. It is also a good opportunity to boast about the changes, or even get your patients to get involved with community events. Such as charity runs, cake sales and other events. This updated news can make followers more intrigued to find out more about the practice. Also, any engagement from your follower base increases the chances that your page will appear on their friend’s list social feed, especially on Facebook.

Patient Testimonials ”“ I’m sure I don’t have to explain the importance of reviews and testimonials for a dental practice. They’re incredibly important so it makes sense to get some of these testimonials and boast about them on your social pages. Just remember though, a video goes a lot further than a block of text on social media. So this is a good chance to post some patient testimonial videos.

Video Blogs (Vlogs) ”“ Vlogs are literally just video blogs. These have much more engagement than a blog posted onto social media as people tend to engage more with visuals than they do text. In your vlogs you should talk about common dental issues, frequently asked questions or even to consolidate the latest practice news as mentioned in point 1.

Special Offers ”“ Advertising any special offers you have on your social media page is really handy. Your follower base is effectively free advertising. The more followers you have, the larger free audience you can use to get your product/service in front of their eyes. This is why building a follower base can be so valuable, as you can market to them again and again for totally free. (Just be careful not to push it too much otherwise they may unfollow you).

If you feel like you don’t have enough time for all of this, you’re not alone! Dentists want to get on with what they’re good at, dentistry! If you’d like us to bear the load, then take a look at our social media management packages.

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