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Optimise Your Video’s To Improve Rankings

26th August 2016 | | Creative Design, Marketing, Social Media

Video content has skyrocketed over the past few years and hosting videos on your own YouTube channel and website can be extremely beneficial for your Search Engine Optimisation.

Consider the following tips to help put you ahead of the competition:

  • Add Value – Your content should be relevant to your audience, adding value that will convince the users to dedicate the right time to watch your video. The more quality videos, the bigger the chances to serve as an authority, build a trusting relationship with your audience and increase the conversions.
  • Video description – Include a link to your practice website at the beginning of the video description.
  • Video Thumbnail – The video’s thumbnail is among the first things that users will notice and it might affect their decision as to whether they want to actually click on the video.
  • Practice Information – Information can be entered in the frames at the end of your video.
  • Audio – Stating your practice information in the videos audio can be worthwhile for SEO.
  • Tags in video – Your video should provide the necessary details to help search engines index it and according to Google, the title, the description and the thumbnail are the most important pieces of information. Metadata offers more details about the video title, the description, the length of the video and its file name. Video title has to be short and concise, while the description may provide more details and keywords, boosting the ranking of your content.
  • Geotag your Videos – Searching for videos according to location where the most popular videos will get placed on a map.
  • Google Places & Google + – Add your video to your Google Places & Google + account by adding a link or the actual video to the listing. This will also allow people to share your video.
  • Embed your video – If you are creating video content to improve the ranking of your site, then you need to host the video to your own domain, in order to ensure that search engines don’t direct the traffic to another site.
  • Promote your video on Social Media – Promote your content as much as possible to all relevant channels, as this is the best way to spread word about it and reach the right audience. All of the various views will add up and it may lead to more viewers, new links, bigger traffic and of course, better positioning in the search results.
  • “Shareable” content – It’s not just about creating an interactive video, it’s also about producing content that your audience will appreciate. “Shareable” content is unique, creative and adds value for its target audience, making sharing easier and the reach bigger. It’s the quality of your content that will make your video stand out from the rest, and a clear call-to-action may also affect your site’s authority, with new links and mentions.
  • Optimise with keywords – Keyword research may also occur in video SEO and it may help you discover the most relevant content for your target audience. Is there a particular keyword, or phrase that could lead to better results? What’s the best way to describe your video?
  • Create a Video Sitemap – A video sitemap provides all the necessary data about your video’s content and it provides the details the search engines need to get a clearer picture of its context.

If you would like any further information then please give the Dental Design team a call on: 01202677277.

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