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Coronavirus: Preparing Your Reopening Marketing Plan

Coronavirus: Preparing Your Reopening Marketing Plan
22nd May 2020 | | Blog, Marketing

With the UK slowly following the rest of Europe in easing its lockdown restrictions, plans can begin to be made for marketing ahead. Dental practices, faced with wide-ranging information on best practice, have been precautionarily shut and therefore a world of lockdown easing brings new optimism.

That being said, whilst the economy has taken a huge hit, it has meant that marketing budgets have followed suit. Seen as perhaps one of the more flexible costs businesses face, it is still essential to maintain visibility for the long term business success.

Given that this is likely to be the case for many dental practices, we have taken a look at the 3 key factors practices should be considering at this time.

Welcome back your existing patients (Safely!):

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients will have been left without care and support, but that does not mean they aren’t looking to you. Keeping in touch right now is imperative and there are a number of ways we’re helping practices do this.

Getting Social: If your practice is on social media then using it as a valuable tool to communicate vital information could keep your brand awareness high. Stuck for ideas? We’ve put together some handy resources that can help you.

E-Consultations: Whether for a family quiz or stay in touch with far-flung loved ones, video calling has become a lockdown sensation. Why not harness these technologies to deliver e-consultations today.

Patient Mail Outs: Summarising the key pointers about any reopening news to a wide audience can be easily achieved with a mass mailout. We can work with you to ensure your practice is sending the message loud and clear.

Build Trustworthy, Online Visibility:

Upon reopening, potential patients will be turning online to seek help for their dental issues. As such it will be highly likely that a greater need for clarity on how a practice will protect patients from spreading or contracting COVID-19 whilst undergoing treatment will be paramount.

Displaying these details prominently on your site will help give you the best head start in detailing this. However, we expect each practices’ journey to be distant, so the best way will be to speak to your account manager about the capabilities available and how your new structure can be complemented by these. Providing patients with details of their ‘new’ patient journey’s will help them feel reassured, and lead onto the next point…reviews.

Due to heightened awareness of cleanliness, professionalism, and social distancing, receiving positive reviews about your new measures will again help to build trust Proactive approaches to this can really put your practice on the front foot upon returning.

Test, Track, and Trace:

Never one to shy away from government guidance, the last point takes heed of one of the lockdown’s buzz phrases. Test, track, and tracing of the virus has allowed countries around the world to better understand and adapt to the pandemic and can serve your marketing plan well as we come into this recovery.

Differences in the normal ways of marketing will likely be experienced for many, many months to come, and as such it is important to stay alert (sorry, another buzzword), and respond to what works well. Only by adopting this approach can the best balance be found.

Testing new marketing methods, messages and approaches will allow you to dial into the most pertinent ways of conducting your marketing going forward. As always, we are always available to help you get this marketing initiatives up and running.

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