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How important are titles for YouTube SEO?

1st July 2020 | | Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

We are beginning to see an increase of dental practices uploading videos to YouTube, this could be anything such as patient testimonials, walkthroughs or latest news relating to the practice itself – for example: What to expect on your next visit during COVID-19.

An important lesson to remember is SEO does not only have to be implemented onto your website. You should be utilising SEO on many other platforms and YouTube is a very important one, especially as it is owned by Google!

Here are some quick, easy but VERY effective tips you should remember when creating a title for your YouTube video:

Use Title Capitalization: No-one wants to see all caps or all lowercase when searching for a video on YouTube… it will not create urgency. Capitalising each word in your title will give it a more professional outlook and increase the chances of it being clicked.

Use POWER Words: These are perfect for motivating people to click on your video. I have done a previous blog on the importance of power words and what makes a great title which you can see here.

Include Targeted Keywords and Place Them at The Front of Your Title: Use your exact targeted keyword once at the beginning of your title for best results.

Keep Your Titles Short: YouTube cuts titles off at the 66-character mark, so make sure your powerful title you have crafted is under 66 characters!

Be Accurate: Avoid using misleading titles which do not represent the true content of your video, this is called ‘Clickbait’ and will impose a negative response from your audience. You want to ensure you are keeping audience retention throughout the whole viewing experience.

Include Location! It is important to include the location in your title, for example if this is relevant to where the dental practice is based, if a user simply searches the practice name and location, it is likely going to appear in Google Results page within the video section – This is identifying a new way of reaching organic users.

If you keep the above in mind when publishing the final touches to your YouTube video, you are only increasing the chances of making yourself as visible as possible!

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