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  • Writing an About Us Page | Dental Design Marketing

    The Importance of an ‘About Us’ page

    13th December 2019 | | Blog, Branding, Marketing

    Website visitors will often organically gravitate to an ‘About Us’ page very early on in their browsing session of a website. Whilst it is likely that a topic-driven search term (e.g. treatments) has got the visitor to your site, their…

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    Why have my Rankings Suddenly Dropped?

    12th December 2019 | | Search Engine Optimisation

    Sustaining high keyword rankings for your website is detrimental for gaining website traffic (In an SEO only standpoint). What makes you “rank” for a keyword is based on the level of search engine optimisation your website has. The factors that…

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    How to increase your engagement rate on social media

    2nd December 2019 | | Marketing, Social Media

    Engagement rates are metrics that track how actively involved with your content your audience is. Here are some top tips about how you can improve your engagement rate: 1. Post frequently on your social media profiles (and at optimal times)…

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    Google proposes to reward fast websites via ‘badging’

    28th November 2019 | | Blog, Search Engine Optimisation, Web design

    We all know fast websites convert more than slow ones. Optimising your site for speed is an ongoing process to ensure visitors don’t jump ship at the first hurdle, or load signal. What if visitors were shown how well your…

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    Why do long tail keywords matter

    28th November 2019 | | Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

    Long tail keywords are search terms with relatively low search volume and competition levels. Long-tail keywords can drive a huge amount of high-converting traffic to your website and dramatically increase revenue for your practice. The length of the keyword isn’t…

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    How to improve your marketing over the holiday season

    8th November 2019 | | Marketing, Social Media

    For many practices, seasonal campaigns can bring an increase in business. Generating strong enquiries is all about finding and connecting with the right patients on the right channels. So what can your practice do to attract new patients and increase…

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    Time for a re-design

    Calling all Flash Websites! – It is time for a re-design!

    1st November 2019 | | Blog, Search Engine Optimisation, Web design

    Does your website still run elements of Adobe flash? Sorry to break the news to you but now is the perfect time to think about a website re-design! Google search has recently announced that before the end of this year…

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    Perfect SEO content tips

    Tips for achieving a perfect SEO content page

    25th October 2019 | | Blog, Search Engine Optimisation

    A lot of people are now (I hope!) fully aware of SEO and the importance of the context surrounding it. It’s the essential backbone to the content of your pages. If your content itself is not good quality, then no…

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    Increase your online conversions

    25th October 2019 | | Blog, Uncategorized

    A conversion rate is the ratio of visitors who convert website visits into desired actions. For a dental website this would be the ratio of website visitors who then call or email your practice to book an appointment. Conversions are…

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