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  • Increasing Customer Retention | Dental Design Marketing

    Increasing Patient Loyalty

    4th May 2020 | | Marketing

    Understanding the Lifetime Value of your patients is crucial for Dentists. It allows you to be more aware as to what your practice is doing correctly (or incorrectly), as well as giving you an insight into future financial forecasting. Both…

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    How to post on social media during COVID-19

    22nd April 2020 | | Blog, Social Media

    Unsure of what content to post online during the Coronavirus outbreak? You’re not alone. Many businesses are feeling lost when it comes to saying and doing the right thing on their social media during this time. Tensions are high right…

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    Online Marketing For Dentists During Lockdown

    17th April 2020 | | Marketing

    The current crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has turned the world upside down. Lockdown has been in place for over 3 weeks, completely changing our lifestyle. This has had an unprecedented impact on the dental industry, forcing most dental…

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    Writing to patients during a crisis

    14th April 2020 | | Uncategorised

    The chances are that you’re using email to contact your entire patient base during this time. Whatever the news is, whether you’re announcing your temporary closure or informing your patients that you’re only seeing emergencies, you need to get it…

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    Using websites and digital communication to reach out to your patients

    14th April 2020 | | Blog

    Just because you’re in lockdown doesn’t mean you’re locked out of helping your patients. Your website is essentially an extension of your practice, one that can be reached at all times from the comfort of the home. It’s the ideal…

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    SEO is More Important Than Ever During COVID-19

    9th April 2020 | | Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

    Coronavirus may have created significant uncertainty and stress, not only in our daily lives but also for businesses, but if there’s one channel that will keep on giving at the moment it’s organic search and the importance of SEO. Search…

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    Hashtags – How can they work for my dental clinic?

    Hashtags – How can they work for my dental clinic?

    28th February 2020 | | Blog, Social Media

    What’s in a hashtag? The humble hashtag has found a new lease of life in recent years, having been adopted as the main mode of discoverability in organic social posting. Using hashtags in your posts helps you to label your…

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    How To Optimise Blog Content For SEO

    28th February 2020 | | Search Engine Optimisation

    Why Are Blogs Important for SEO? A blog (or news) section greatly benefits your website and SEO efforts. Blogs give a place to easily add fresh and relevant content, which is an important ranking factor for Google. Having an active…

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    Why practices should be considering Whatsapp

    28th February 2020 | | Marketing, Technology

    Some practices now use WhatsApp to communicate with patients, having a button on their website similar to a live chat function. This is due to the increase in people who fall under the “phone-call phobics” category where they would rather…

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