Should you use a PPC company?

24th July 2017 | | Internet, Marketing, Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads are great as you only have to pay for them when you receive clicks… Hence the name. However, as many people that have run a PPC advert will confirm, getting a click is half the battle. Making that click convert into cash is the real struggle!

You may be asking yourself, how hard can it be? Run an ad, get some clicks, receive some enquiries, make some money? In reality, there is so much more than that. The Google PPC platform is full with numerous settings and features that can be tweaked to maximise your clicks and conversions in order to assure maximum return on investment. These settings usually consist of a lot of abbreviations, such as CPA, CPC, ROAS, CTR and much more! Each one serves a different purpose and can be a make or break setting to ensure an ad’s effectiveness. The sheer number of settings can be overwhelming, and also time-consuming to learn! Once you have learned each and every single one of the settings and what they do, you then will have the task of having to remember what settings to use based on the feedback from your analytical data.  Adjusting bid amounts, and bid strategies based on your CTR, CPC, CPA  etc… Confusing stuff right?

Fortunately, there are companies out there that offer a PPC management service. Allowing you to not have to worry about learning all of this. We offer this service and manage to allow customers to make more than their advertising budget as well as the management cost.

How do I know my PPC company is good?

A PPC campaign becomes stronger and stronger in time, a good analyst will understand that when the campaign is set up, it is at its weakest. Once the data comes rolling in, the analyst can make relevant adjustments, strengthening the campaign on a regular basis. So if you’re not seeing a return for the first couple of months, don’t panic! Bear with it, but just make sure that the campaign is strengthening. After a number of months, you should start seeing more enquiries or sales. If you do, great, the analyst has strengthened your campaign to a point where it now converts! If you’re not, then begin to question the analyst, ask them specific questions about what they are doing to strengthen the adverts. If they seem hesitant in their answer, then they may not be familiar with the account, and if they’re not familiar, then there’s a strong chance they haven’t been working on it.

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