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Using websites and digital communication to reach out to your patients

14th April 2020 | | Blog

Just because you’re in lockdown doesn’t mean you’re locked out of helping your patients.

Your website is essentially an extension of your practice, one that can be reached at all times from the comfort of the home. It’s the ideal place to put up notices and update your patients with news about the practice during this time. You can also set up a WhatsApp for your practice so patients can get in touch more easily. 

Keeping your website up-to-date not only keeps your patients in the loop, but also helps your site in the long run. Regularly updating content gives your site a boost in your rankings. 

Where to put your closed notice?

Many of our clients are making use of our notice pop-ups that appear when their site loads. These notices serve well in letting patients know that the practice is closed while giving information on what to do during a dental emergency. 

As an alternative, some practice websites are adding the notice to the homepage itself to avoid having that key information missed.

Make the most out of video consultations

Video consultations are a simple and convenient way to communicate with patients – most notably those in dental pain. Being able to connect with your patients in this virtually face-to-face manner will allow you to better assess their needs and more accurately identify a genuine dental emergency.

We know that there are limitations to emergency dental services at the moment, but having a caring and friendly dentist on a video call can be relief in itself when someone is in pain. You can talk them through ways to deal with the symptoms themselves at home until it is safe to visit a dentist.

For any patients that are in the middle of on-going treatment, video calls with their dentist will reassure them that their treatment isn’t put on standby while the lockdown is in effect. For Invisalign, for example, patients already have all they need for the treatment at home, just not the dentist. That can be fixed easily with a video call. 

We have an information pack that you can give to your patients so they are well equipped for dealing with dental issues from the safety of their homes. We have created a number of free resources like this pack for you to download for use across your social channels, giving you one less thing to worry about. Click here to view.

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