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4th April 2019 | | Blog, Search Engine Optimisation

It’s still clear that in 2019 high quality content is up at the top in regards to ranking signals. Google’s mission is to ensure the web is within guidelines of what trustworthy content is, in August 2018 we saw this with the medic update. The main pages effected by this algorithm update were YMYL (Your money, your life) related, e.g. physical, financial, or safety information.

How do I check content quality?

Google determines quality by many ranking factors, over 200 in fact, but I’ve listed seven as a base guideline:

  • Value
  • Expertise
  • Information
  • Authority
  • Engagement
  • Usefulness
  • Trustworthiness

These factors will help you score higher on the EAT criteria when creating content for your audience. Keep in mind what type of person will be reading your blog post or page, is what you’re typing a match for them?

Is my content performing well?

Content writing and SEO can be tricky to analyse if you’re not a Digital Marketer. Using an analytic dashboard, such as Google Analytics, for the first time can be overwhelming. Being greeted with a wave of stats and graphs would put the majority of people off! To break it down for you, a few worthwhile metrics to keep track of performance are:

  • Organic Traffic – Visitors arriving on your post from a general keyword search
  • Pageviews – The number of times your post has been viewed
  • Bounce Rate – Aim to keep this one low! This relates to the number of visitors who leave or ‘bounce’ off your page without conducting an action.
  • Links – If your content is high quality then naturally visitors will be inclined to share the link to your post.
  • Conversions – Visitors submitting a contact form, downloading a file, signing up to a newsletter etc.

By measuring these metrics you will begin to build an understanding of what works well (and what doesn’t), then using this knowledge to begin creating high quality posts on the regular. Thus, bringing in more traffic, asserting your site as a trustworthy source, and Google positively ranking you well.

If you need help with producing quality content give us a call on 01202 677 277

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