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New Adwords Interface

31st July 2017 | | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Pay Per Click

Google has been busy lately! With some great changes to their business listing on top of their new Adwords interface shows that Google are very much about improvement and staying with the times. Google has lately released their new Adwords…

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Should you use a PPC company?

24th July 2017 | | Internet, Marketing, Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads are great as you only have to pay for them when you receive clicks… Hence the name. However, as many people that have run a PPC advert will confirm, getting a click is half the…

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What is Google Posts?

13th July 2017 | | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media

Google posts have now launched and we are so excited! Google has released ‘Google Posts’ allowing users to advertise offers for their services directly onto their business listing. This is great news for many businesses all over the world that…

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How To Structure Meta Data

4th July 2017 | | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Meta Data should be different and unique on every page. It should always be applicable to the page that it resides on. SEO analysers will have their own opinions on the best way to structure Meta Data but I feel…

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Is WordPress insecure?

29th June 2017 | | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Technology

Hacking has been a big issue lately. With the NHS being hacked and compromised, Sony Network (devastating), Petya Ransomware, the WPP hackings, Apple iCloud, etc… A lot of attention has been looked towards how secure the WordPress CMS is. With…

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Why Am I Not Rank 1?

23rd June 2017 | | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation

There are numerous reasons that can affect why your site may not be first in Google. Even if you have a checklist of all of the known SEO ranking factors and you have worked through them all; there is still no…

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How to write a perfect Google review

2nd June 2017 | | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media

Firstly, I should mention, that Google uses an algorithm to test reviews, and even the reviews, get reviewed. This algorithm will scan the reviews looking for obvious no-no’s like swearing, racism, sexism and other general unpleasantries. We have spoken to…

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Why am I asked to blog every week?

22nd May 2017 | | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

There is no single answer to answer that question. The straightest answer could be “because it’s my job”; but Dental Design doesn’t do things for the sake of doing things. We like to have a reason behind our motions. We blog…

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Goodbye Google car – Hello camel!

13th April 2017 | | Internet

Google have decided to take a slightly different approach when capturing views of the desert for Google Street View. Instead of using a Google car, they have been enlisting the services of Raffia the camel. Helpful Raffia has been equipped…

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