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Why it is so important to keep your Google listing up to date

why to update your google business listing
24th January 2020 | | Internet, Marketing

First of all, if you do not have a Google My Business account…go make one!

Secondly, I’m going to explain why it is so important to keep your Google Listing up to date – keeping opening times, business photos, and other contact information in mind. For some, this will be a no brainer. If you’re one of those people, you’re most likely wondering why I’m writing a whole blog about this. Well, there are many who simply forget about their Google Listing and leave it to gather dust.

Think of your physical store front. You probably have your opening times pinned somewhere obvious for visitors to notice. Now think if you had the wrong times up there and what the effect would be… bad, right?

It’s exactly the same effect for your online listing! The % increase of people searching online for opening times before visiting a location increases dramatically year-on-year. If your listing is marked as closed when you’re actually open, then you are missing out on potential business.

How to update your opening times:

  1. Sign into your Google Business Listing by clicking here.
    signing into your google my business account
  2. On the left hand side, select info.
    where to find google my business opening times
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit your opening times.
    edit google my business opening times

As you can see it is super simple, there isn’t an excuse to not keep these regularly updated. Outdated opening times will damage your business as it turns away interested patients.

Ensure your contact information is consistent

In the same section as your opening times, you will also see additional contact information you can update. It is vital this is correct as patients can and will be calling via your listing, along with looking for information. Make sure the following is all correct:

  • Phone Number
  • Business Address
  • Website Address
  • Appointment Link (Generally a contact page)
  • Menu Link (If applicable)
  • Services
  • Accessibility (Make it know you cater for disabled access)
  • Description (SEO Benefits)
  • Having this information consistent and correct is vital to ensuring patients are being pointed to the correct places and have access to contact.

    Photos of your business

    Last but certainly not least is to add high quality, recent imagery of your practice. Having an image of the practice from the 90’s is going to throw people off when they see the place in real life. More importantly however, people will look at the images and judge the inside of your practice. It’s important to them that the space is clean, has amenities, and provides reassurance.

    Use a good quality camera or pay for a practice shoot. This way you limit the risk of blurry and unprofessional looking photos that could put people off.

    If you need any help with creating a well performing and optimised Google Business Listing, then feel free to get in touch on 01202 677 277 or email

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