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Coronavirus Guidance for Dental Websites

12th March 2020 | | Marketing, Web design

Over the past couple of months the COVID-19 virus has increased to a point where public health and safety is at the focus pinnacle. Public health locations such as Dental practices have been supplied specific guidance on how best to tackle the virus and keep patients safe.

Your Dental Practice Website is at the forefront of providing information to new and existing patients. It also provides options to book appointments, find directions to the practice, and opening times – All factors of enticing people to come visit the practice. Usually, the footfall and consistent visits are extremely positive however nowadays there is a risk of spreading the infection to potentially vulnerable patients.

What to tell patients at your dental practice about Coronavirus?

Before including information on the website regarding the virus, it’s vital to be up-to-date on what to say. The notice provided by the NHS is as follows:

“The NHS is well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases and has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal.
Check online at and at for advice on your travel and contact history and the latest COVID-19 information before attending the dental practice.”

For more information on how to deal with patients as a dental practice owner or staff member, there are resources provided by the BDA here.

Coronavirus information on your dental website

It is important to inform patients of the current procedures put in place by the government to contain the outbreak. Fortunately, websites provide a platform to conveniently keep patients up-to-date all things going on at the practice. To do this, there’s various methods we can provide to ensure you’re providing the necessary information listed by the NHS.

Simple Text Notice

Having the patient directions regarding Coronavirus on the the contact page ensures it is seen prior to anyone booking an appointment, using the address to visit, or looking at opening times to also make a visit.

Extended Text Popup

If you’re looking to link to multiple resources/websites within your notice then an extended text popup would work best for your website. With text it allows to freely hyperlink to where you’d like your patients to read.

Image Pop Ups

We understand that popups are not always very appealing, and you may be hating the fact these notices are becoming more common. These image popups allow you to keep a less “wordy” notice on the site, whilst keeping patients informed.

If you require help with getting your website up to date with Coronavirus information, please do not hesitate with getting in touch. Feel free to give us a call on 01202 677 277 or send an email your account manager and they’ll be more than happy to help.

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