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How To Find Out What Pages Need A Re-Fresh On Your Website

25th June 2019 | | Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

It’s no secret that you should be updating your website pages often with fresh content but the question on everyone’s lips is…how many times should you be doing this?! Firstly, this is going to depend on the nature of your business. For example, if you’re a dental website, you won’t need to be updating content as much as a news website.

Where to begin?

To begin, you should draw your focus to which pages would benefit from fresh content as a priority. I’d advise using Google Analytics to get an insight into this. We want to see which pages need a boost! So pay close attention to pages which are showing a sad amount of page views compared to the average and pages with a high bounce rate. Anything above 60% will be considered higher than average, however, some pages with a high bounce rate could be justified… For example, if you have the contact number at the top of the page, someone might have accessed the website for this reason and as soon as they get the number…they bounce off your website. This will count as a bounce even though it was actually the opposite…a conversion. This is why you should always have a strong idea of what to class a low/high bounce rate so take this into account.

Where to look?

Once you have logged into the GA dashboard, navigate to Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages.
You will then be greeted with a list of your pages in the best performing order with the following factors:

  • Pageviews
  • Unique Pageviews
  • Avg. Time on Page
  • Bounce rate

I’d suggest changing the date range to be anything from 1-3 months. By doing this you will then get a better insight into where your pages stand in regards to performance and visibility.

Where to go from here?

Now you can explore all the analytical data till your heart’s content. Once you have compiled a list of pages to improve as a priority you should take on board the following questions to ask yourself when updating the content:

  1. Is the information as relevant as it can be?
  2. Could we have a FAQ section to make the page as informative as possible by answering often asked questions regarding the topic?
  3. Can we include a clear Call to Action on the page?

To summarise

As a general rule of thumb, you should be updating your website a couple of times a week to fully maximise your chances of increasing visibility. This will constantly be telling Google to re-index your website often which will show your website is active and this will have a positive outlook on the rankings.

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