How to improve your marketing over the holiday season

8th November 2019 | | Marketing, Social Media

For many practices, seasonal campaigns can bring an increase in business. Generating strong enquiries is all about finding and connecting with the right patients on the right channels.

So what can your practice do to attract new patients and increase conversions this holiday season?

1. Determine the type of discounts you want to offer
You could offer a single, valuable discount or offer short-term promotions that change each week, giving patients an incentive to return.

2. Optimize your website and landing pages
Ensure your website and landing pages are up to date with any promotional material in the lead up to Christmas.

3. Create a seamless user experience
Consumers expect to receive a consistent experience, whether they’re at the practice, online, reading an email, engaging with social media, or using a mobile device. Focus on consistent branding and messaging across all channels to offer a great user experience to your patients.

4. Use Google Analytics to analyze last year’s website traffic
When were the peaks in traffic last year? When did the holiday season begin ramping up? When were the peaks in revenue? Did they happen at the same time as the peaks in traffic? You can then use this information to plan your marketing.

5. Mobile-Friendly
If your website is still not mobile-friendly then you are missing a trick. People today are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, it is likely that digital campaigns will have more success selling services over other marketing campaigns. Even desktop apps are being overrun by mobile applications.

6. Email marketing
Over the Christmas period consider using email marketing as a way to drive your email list to already existing promotional campaigns. Content needs to be helpful however, not salesy. Give your recipients an incentive to engage with you by creating valuable, relevant content. 

7. The power of hashtags
People like to follow trends, and everyone wants what people are talking about. Spread the word about your Christmas promotions with the power of hashtags. Hashtags make it easier for your campaign to reach more people and to get more people talking about you.

8. Build hype with relevant contests and giveaways
Giveaways and contests are very cost-effective methods to help engage with your followers, get new followers and build hype for an upcoming event. Using giveaways and promotional contests you can get your patients easily excited about the upcoming holidays and your practice.

9. Video Marketing
Patients love behind the scenes footage. When creating your videos don’t hard sell, create a fun and lighthearted tone, publish your videos early and include strong call to actions.

10. Focus on customer loyalty
Although you’re eager to attract new patients, don’t neglect your loyal ones. Take the opportunity to offer a special gift to your best patients, like a valuable discount. You could also send handwritten Christmas cards to your loyal patients in the post. This will show that you care.

If you would like any further information then give the Dental Design team a call on 01202677277.

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