News of Jackson’s death triggered a surge in internet traffic

The spike began after American gossip website broke the story that things were “looking bad” for the controversial ‘King of Pop‘.

The enormous interest in the story caused the site to temporarily go down, but that did not stop the news spreading via blogs and social networking sites.

Facebook reported that the number of status updates during the hour after Jackson’s death was triple the average.

Nine out of the ten most popular topics discussed on Twitter were about Jackson, with many celebrities choosing the site to express their condolences.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said that the passing of the global icon caused “the biggest jump in tweets per second since the US presidential election”.

Huge Surge In Jackson Tweets

The rush of activity on the internet highlights its increasing importance in delivering news to the public.

More than twenty times the average number of visitors logged on to Sky News Online last night.

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