Paid Advertisement (Google Ads) During COVID-19

23rd April 2020 | | Marketing, Pay Per Click

During these uncertain times where many daily routines and activities have come to a sudden stop, businesses have had to adapt in ways that were not before considered. As a whole in the UK, most non-essential businesses are closed or reduced to an extremely minimal function.

Due to this, many aspects of businesses have experienced downward trends. Reductions have had to be made and one element that falls into this category is Marketing.

Advertisement and Marketing can be a prominent portion of business overheads and whilst the business is closed and experiencing a reduction in income, it may be one of the first items considered to place on pause. So the question is…

Do you stop your Google Ads during COVID-19?

Before placing a blanket stop on all your marketing it is worthwhile to consider the long-term effects of what you’re deciding to stop. Throughout the year you’ll be analysing report statistics to see what is working and what’s not – If something isn’t working then you adapt.

It is the same in the current situation, it’s important to consider what is changing in this new climate and working the campaigns around what the patients are looking for (and allowed to do!). Let’s take a look at some statistics for the Health & Medical industry:

(Source: Average of 15,759 WordStream US PPC Campaigns)

Although it is US data the trends and behaviour still applies and gives indication of the UK market. From this pool of data we can see a clear increase across the board when it comes to these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). You may ask why this is?

What this data tells us

  • Many advertisers have completely stopped their campaigns instead of adapting to the user’s intent, thus the competition has massively reduced. This allows the practices providing the options in this time to secure the interest all while paying much less per conversion.
  • Demand in the industry is still ongoing, people still require checkups, teeth cleaning, tooth repairs, etc.
  • Dental emergencies have not stopped due to COVID-19, people are still in need but unsure of what to do. Thus searching terms such as “dental emergencies” to find out information – increasing click-through-rates. If they see an advert about a practice providing dental emergencies then they will get in touch.
  • Despite the current pandemic consumer behaviour has not fully dropped to a point where they’re no longer interested in cosmetic treatments. Interest for dental treatments is still consistent – many are registering interest for when doors reopen.
  • People have more time at home to consider what products and services they’d like. Have a system in place to cater a waiting list type situation, ensure you’re not at a stand still when reopened.
  • Average screen time has massively increased with more users spending time on their phones and engaging.

Analysing and understanding the data is important all year round but what’s more important is knowing when to adapt your advertising based on certain events and attitudes. During this current pandemic it’s advisable to have a strategy planned out from now until exiting the tunnel at the end.

What to do with your Google Ad Campaigns during COVID-19

  • Alter them to promote “Available for Emergencies” (If you’re regulated to provide this option).
  • Research what terms users are searching for and adapt your ad groups around those. You may find terms being searched before are no longer as active as new searches created by COVID-19. You can find this information with the Keyword Planner Tool.
  • Include an option to book an Online Video Consultation.
  • Update your landing pages to reflect changes the lockdown has caused. Have opening hours changed? Are patients to wait in the car park until their appointment time? Any specific instructions they need to know before a booking is made? Communication is key!
  • If reducing overheads is a must, then keep in mind that reducing the Ad Spend budget is also an option. Spending £5 a day? Halve it, chances are you may experience a very slight difference in clicks and an improved conversion rate due to the reduction in competition!
  • If you are unsure what steps to take for your Google Ads campaign then feel free to get in touch by giving us a call on 01202 677 277. We’re using our resources to help dental practices through these difficult times with the whole team working as usual.

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