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Search Engine Evolution

28th August 2017 | | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is evolving! It always has been and it always will, but which way?

Google’s ranking factors are always appearing to change, you used to be able to spam a load of keywords into a website’s code in order to get it to rank higher on Google or even put a load of keywords into a website’s content in hopes that Google will find it ‘relevant’. Nowadays, it’s not so simple. Google has become smarter to the point where SEO isn’t all about the visual aspect of a website anymore.

After the ‘audit’ feature in the inspect tool on Google Chrome being given a makeover, it is apparent that there is a lot of focus on the website’s health, the https:// encryption, load speed, caching and much more. With added movement on the Progressive Web Application side of things as well as Accelerated Mobile Pages it’s becoming clear that the ‘back end’ of websites is what’s important when ranking highly on Google. Do not get me wrong though, content, images, meta titles and a good back linking profile, are still very very important when ranking highly. It’s just Google seems to be very into speed and website health lately.

We can confirm this by taking a look at Google’s emphasis on Mobile First Indexing and their obsession that any website taking longer than 3 seconds to load will lose 53% of mobile visitors. Google has released tools such as ‘think with Google‘, the newly improved audit feature on the inspect tool and the mobile friendly test. This is good news for SEO analysts, as it means that SEO has become more complex, meaning SEO is now needed more than ever! It does, however, mean that SEO is going to be more competitive, in the sense that analysts will be attempting to shave as many seconds off their response time as possible and with added complexity, more trial and error will have to be undertaken to find the right tricks. Not like the blatant link building or relevant meta title changes!

Exciting stuff!


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