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Benefiting from Google Ads COVID-19 Credit Scheme

21st May 2020 | | Pay Per Click

Google Ads have announced they are providing small-medium businesses free ad credit to support advertising budgets. Many businesses have been affected during COVID-19 on a financial level but it is important to continue advertising to hit the ground running when lockdown restrictions are lifted, this free ad credit aims to ensure businesses can continue comfortably advertising.

It’s a wonderful life-line from Google during these challenging times and extremely beneficial to many businesses. We wrote a blog recently about PPC during COVID-19 and how it’s important to continue reaching out to patients as they are engaging with online advertisement now more than ever.

Who is eligible for the ad credit?

Small-medium businesses across the world who have been spending on Google Ads in 10 out of twelve months of 2019, and in January and/or February of this year.

Will my account be picked?

Currently there is a global team of Google Ad word employees compiling the list of accounts that are eligible for the credit scheme.

How does it work?

The credit is applied automatically to the account if eligible, it can then be applied to any future ad spend across the Google Ads platform including Search, Display, and YouTube. This can NOT be used to refund already spent ad budget.

When will I receive this?

In Google’s announcement they say the scheme will start in late May and be rolled out in phases. Your account manager will be in touch to discuss your PPC campaigns once your practice reopens, where the ad credit will be mentioned if applicable.

What is the value of the credits?

The credit amount is varied based on previous Google ads spend, the country, and currency where the Ads account is set up. Your account manager will inform you of the allocated amount and will make recommendations on how to apply it.

How long are the credits valid for?

The expiry date for these are 31st December 2020, the credit can be used throughout until that date.

What do I do now?

As mentioned above your account manager will be in touch to discuss your PPC campaigns when word is given to begin re-opening practices. There they will mention the ads credit and how it’ll be applied, you may also notice your direct debits to Google Ads are lower than previous months.

However if you want to get in touch beforehand then feel free to contact your account manager directly by email or by calling 01202 677 277. We are continuing to work from home at regular hours and can still be contacted for any needs or concerns.

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