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Google Ads Introduces Lead Form Extensions

17th February 2020 | | Pay Per Click

Google Ads is a proven platform to bring in high quality traffic and hot leads to your marketing funnel. The platform allows you to target individual keywords that are relevant to your business and promote ads to users searching them. It is a paid advertisement platform which means you will have to fit it into your marketing budget; however, the benefit of Google Ads is that you only pay out of your budget each time an ad is clicked.

Beat competition with Google Ads

There’s no denying that the internet is massive and ranking for those lucrative top positions has never been more competitive.

If I search for the term “Dental Implants” we can see there are on average 22,200 monthly searches across the United Kingdom. This may seem a high number which can be easily tapped into to direct a portion of searches into site visitors; however, this isn’t as simple as it may seem. If we take a look at the number of results (58 Million) it works out at 261 pieces of content for every search. Putting you up against a huge amount of competition to try and tap into that search volume!

This is why Google Ads is a perfect way of promoting your website and turning visits into conversions. An exciting new feature “Lead Form Extensions” could be a new winner in gaining those lucrative conversions! If you’re unfamiliar with Google Ads, it’s worth getting up to speed before reading the next section, by reading some of our Pay Per Click Blogs.

What are Lead Form Extensions?

With message extensions on the way out Google have introduced a new feature called “Lead Form Extensions”. This enables a form to be attached within your ad providing the opportunity for searches to enter their contact details within the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Reasons for this new addition being highly beneficial for your campaigns:

  • Users on a slow connection will not have to click through and wait for the page to load before filling out the form.
  • Having the form below the ad will undoubtedly increase conversion rates on branded campaigns. E.g, users familiar with your brand will be comfortable converting without researching on the landing page first (As long as the ad text provides an overview of promotion).
  • Although not confirmed, I have a feeling Google will recommend having a form extension on your ads. There’s no reason not to and this will increase your campaign’s overall optimisation score.
  • Throughout my time testing the Form Extensions I’m sure I’ll discover more benefits. Regardless, at this current time they are looking very promising. If you’re looking to promote your dental practice with Google Ads, give us a ring or book a call in with one of our marketing consultants to discuss your goals.

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